Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review


Foundation is the most important product when it comes to makeup as it acts as a base for your other makeup products. Most of us are always concerned about which foundation to use especially if we are on a budget and have very limited options available.

One day I saw one of the Youtuber praising this product and I instantly made up my mind to get one for myself ( because my previous foundation was finished ) so I was searching for a new foundation and ended up purchasing Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade Soft Tan and after using it for a month I thought of sharing my honest review about Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

Maybelline Fit ME foundation Review

Maybelle Fit Me Foundation Honest Review

Below is the detailed review of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation that will help you to make a wise decision on whether to purchase this foundation or not.


Firstly if I talk about packaging then it is quite simple. It comes in a glass bottle with a huge square cap. The bottle is not very heavy though and you can easily carry it while traveling. One of the huge disappointment with the packaging is that it does not come with the pump which leads to the wastage and I also feel a little unhygienic. I think Maybelline should review their packaging and include a pump into it.

Maybelline Fit ME foundation Review


The texture of the Maybelline Fit  Me foundation is creamy but I personally feel that it is bit liquidy when compared to other foundations but none the less the texture is very smooth and glides on the skin very easily.

Maybelline Fit ME foundation Review


The fragrance is not so strong. It has a very subtle fragrance that is barely noticeable.


Rs 500 for 30 gm

My experience – Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review.

Maybelline Fit ME foundation Review

Firstly I don’t have any issues with the packaging apart from the fact that it doesn’t come with a pump. I have dry and acne-prone skin and very light acne scars on my face. So the lady suggested me the shade soft tan which perfectly suits my skin tone, this shade has a yellow undertone which will suit dusky skin tones.

I feel that the consistency of the foundation is a bit runny and always comes out in an extra amount but nonetheless the build-up quality is just amazing. If I need a full-coverage then I take a little extra amount.

I personally used a beauty blender to apply the foundation because it gives a more natural finish. However, you can use your fingertips to apply the foundation.

Moreover, make sure that you first moisturizer your skin using a good moisturizer so that the skin does not look flaky and dry after applying foundation. I also applied a primer as I have issues of open pores.

Should You Buy The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

If you are on a budget and looking for a good foundation then you should definitely invest in this one as a single bottle of it will last you for about 2-3 months, if used regularly.

If you like to wear foundation on a regular basis whether for work, college then you can definitely go for this one as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.


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