How To Get Clear Skin


Nowadays everyone dreams of getting glowing and clear skin because we all want to look our best and we try thousands of things to achieve that one single goal. There are many people wondering that how to get clear skin but do you know that it is actually very simple to achieve your desired skin and there is no rocket science involved in it, you just have to follow these basic simple steps on a regular basis and you will see astonishing results in no time.

10 Things To Do If You Want to get Clearskin

1. Drink lots of Water

Well, you must have heard this 100 times that water is very important for our skin and body but it’s time to feed this in your head for 101st time that water is really very essential for our skin as it hydrates our skin from inside.


No matter how expensive your moisturizer is but if you are not hydrated from inside your skin will look very dull and flaky which no one wants. 

Try to drink at least 3 to 5 litres of water daily and you will notice a tremendous change in your skin. In addition to that if you can’t drink plain water daily just pop in some bunch of fruits in it and you are good to go.

2. Get rid of  make-up before going to bed

I have seen many people not removing their makeup before going to bed. I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to take off all the layers of makeup that you have applied on your skin as it can cause extensive damage to your skin.


It is not only just clogs your pores but it can also give you severe acne and breakouts which we don’t want of coarse as it will only deteriorate the condition of your skin further. 

So from today onwards just stop being lazy and remove your make no matter how late you are or whatever the situation is, you have to get rid of those harsh chemicals and you will notice the considerable amount of change in no time.

3. Exfoliate your skin twice a week

It is so crucial to get rid of the dead cells that have accumulated on your skin for a very long time and those dead cells will make your skin look dull and dark and only exfoliating can help you with that. 


Well, it should be noted that you should always go for some mild scrubs instead of harsh scrubs as harsh scrubs can give you breakouts and you should select the scrub which best suits your skin type. 

Nowadays there are various types of scrubs available in the market in high end and drugstore brands so you can select wisely and accordingly. 

4. Never Ever Skip sunscreen:

Now, this is the biggest blunder people do to their skin and never realise how important sunscreen is for our skin.

 Apart from preventing tanning and reducing wrinkles it also protects us from the harsh sun rays that can even cause skin cancer. 


It is not only important to wear sunscreen when you are outside you should also apply it when you are indoors because you never know which part of your house those harmful rays are reflecting and we tend to ignore it. 

So, never think twice before investing in a good sunscreen, preferably you should go for the sunscreens which have high SPF(50+++ or above) and your skin will start improving day by day. 

5. Always Use a Toner

Using a toner in your skincare regime is as important as using a moisturiser and it’s a must if you want to get crystal clear skin because no matter how many times you have washed your face with deep cleansing face washes, you will still notice the residues of dirt left on your face and toner helps in getting rid of that dirt.  

Toner-ow-To-Get-Clear Skin

Moreover, most importantly it maintains the ph balance of your skin and closes the pores that are being opened after you wash your face. 

Furthermore, you should always select the toners according to your skin type because it can make a huge difference in your skin over time.

6. Try to use natural products

I don’t think I need to emphasize much on this one because we all know how harmful chemicals are for our skin and we should try to stay away from such products as far as possible. 


Well, I know that we can’t always use natural products but we should at least try to substitute it with the products which do not involve any harsh chemicals and are safe for our skin. 

If you can’t always go for natural products try to use some home remedies which are super cheap and good for your skin at the same time and you will notice how rapidly your skin transforms.

7. Eat lots of green veggies:

It is rightly said that “what we eat is reflected in our skin” and it’s true to a great extent because we are what we eat so try to avoid junk food it will not do any good to your skin instead gifting you with pimples and breakouts.

Rather eat green veggies as they are filled with antioxidants and vitamins which are very essential for our skin and you will apparently notice the changes in your skin. 


Moreover, it will give that flush of glow on your face that we all desire and trust me on this you will not need any kind of makeup as your skin will be healthy from inside. 

So eat lots and lots of veggies, if you can’t eat them raw then take out the juice from the vegetables and then consume it, even that will do wonders for your skin.

8. Exercise Regularly

You must have heard many times that if you want to lose weight then hit the gym which you should do of course but have someone ever told you that if you want to get clear and glowing skin then you need to work out? 

Well, I don’t think so but one of the most important factors when you want to achieve the skin you are dreaming of.


Exercising helps in circulating the blood throughout the body that means more oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to your skin which will eventually radiate on your skin. 

So, next time don’t just hit the gym in order to shed those extra pounds.

9. Never skip your beauty sleep

Yes, I call that 8 hours of sleep as beauty sleep because no matter how much you take care of your skin and body. 

If you are not taking enough sleep it will reflect on your skin eventually because our skin tends to repair and regenerate itself in the night and by not taking enough sleep you are just making your skin worse.


It not only deteriorates your skin but it has some adverse effects on your body as well after all we are not robots and our bodies also demand rest at a certain point of time, 

So at least try to relax your body for 8 hours and be in your own world, and you will surely notice the change in your skin and body.

10. Smile and Be happy

Last but not least, smile and stay happy because nothing works as great as wearing a smile on your face and when you are happy, 

It naturally reflects on your skin as you will glow from inside and not just outside because at the end of the day all that matters is how happy and satisfied you are with yourself. 


when you are happy and feel happy your body releases endorphins and cortisol which are also known as happy hormones and it positively affects your body and skin. 

So never think twice before passing a lovely smile to someone.

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