DIY Lip Scrub With Vaseline And Sugar


This is a great DIY lip scrub that requires minimum effort to prepare and works miraculously on lips.

Exfoliating your lips is as important as exfoliating your face, many of us underestimate lip scrubbing and consider it as the least important step in the skincare regime. But over time if you do not remove dead skin from your lips it will become darker and will be chapped easily.

The one thing about which we all are confused is which scrub to use? Whether to purchase it from the market or go for the homemade ones. So to clear this ambiguity I have shared one of the easiest DIY lip scrub with Vaseline and sugar which can be prepared instantly with two ingredients and provide excellent results.

What you need

DIY Lip Scrub With Vaseline And Sugar

You only need two ingredients to prepare this scrub.

1. Vaseline

2. Sugar

What you have to do?

DIY Lip Scrub With Vaseline And Sugar

Step 1 Take one-fourth spoon of sugar ( White sugar with thick granules ) in a bowl.

Step 2 Add a pea-sized amount of vaseline into the sugar and mix it ( make sure not to over mix it or else the sugar will be diluted

Step 4 After exfoliating your lips for 1 to 2 minutes wipe your lips with a clean towel or a cotton ball.

Step 5 Hola!!! You are done just don’t forget to apply a good lip balm after scrubbing to moisturize your lips.

How often you should do this

Try to exfoliate your lips with this DIY lip scrub at least twice a week and if your lips are too dark then use it every alternate day.You will surely notice a visible difference in your lips.

What will this DIY lip Scrub Do

The vaseline and sugar DIY scrub will help in removing all the dead skin as sugar is a great exfoliator and vaseline will moisturize your lips leaving your lips soft and pink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

Brown sugar is comparatively softer than white sugar and does not work that well. If you don’t have white sugar, go for brown sugar but then make sure to exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush instead of fingers.

2. Will this DIY lip scrub with Vaseline and Sugar will make my lip tone lighter?

Yes, if you use this scrub twice a week then you will see a notable change in the colour of your lips.

3. Can I store this DIY scrub for a few days?

No, you cant sore this lip scrub for a longer period of time as the sugar will melt into the vaseline. Try to make it fresh as it will hardly take 2 minutes to prepare.

4. Can I substitute vaseline with any other ingredient?

Yes, you can substitute vaseline with ghee ( clarified butter ) and it will also work equally well.


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